• 10.0-ez-core-blue-back
  • 10.0-ez-core-blue-front
  • 10.0-ez-core-blue-right
  • 10.0-ez-core-green-back
  • 10.0-ez-core-green-front
  • 10.0-ez-core-green-right
  • 10.0-ez-dura-core_soft-top-blue-back
  • 10.0-ez-dura-core_soft-top-blue-front
  • 10.0-ez-dura-core_soft-top-blue-right
  • 10.0-ez-dura-core_soft-top-green-back
  • 10.0-ez-dura-core_soft-top-green-front
  • 10.0-ez-dura-core_soft-top-green-right

10’0 x 34” x 4 7/8”

Stability meets ability.

The EZ is the marriage of stability and fun. The user manual of things you can do on the EZ includes the kitchen sink. Surf, paddle, yoga it doesn’t matter, this is flat out the most stable and fun board in the fleet. The perfect harmony of balance and performance for literally everything.