Coreban was started as company that people could trust. But trust is such a cliché word used today, so what do we mean?

Coreban is different

Being that there are tons of SUP companies out their on the web with many labels being represented, one must ask, “What makes Coreban so different?” And we are glad that you asked because this desire to be “different” or “set apart” is the sole purpose behind the development of Coreban. We try to achieve this in a variety of ways.


Coreban demands only the best in quality but even in our mission to offer the best we realise that some of the products utilise fragile materials and are sometimes hand crafted. With this in mind, Coreban strive to maintain a high QC – Quality control over all products leaving our production facilities and will in it’s means cover products that do not meet a high standard or products that break due to manufacturers defects.


Not only is our label worn, ridden, tested and approved by some of the world’s top action sports athletes but it also stands for something beyond the mighty dollar. The bottom line is quality. We believe that quality materials, proven through performance, and mixed with a quality purpose makes a quality product.


Each order is treated with the utmost attention and integrity. You can count on us being honest and timely.


We respect your privacy and will not exploit, sell or pass on your information to 3rd Party companies, so feel free to contact us, order online and enjoy the safe and secure enviroment.

We appreciate your business and value your feedback on products that you see on our site that may be questionable. We hope that Coreban can become the label that you can rely on.