DOB: 14 AUGUST 1956
Local: Durban
Years on the water: 50 & 4 on SUP


How did you get into SUP:

I had a total shoulder replacement and then a total knee replacement and got into SUP on flat water as part of my rehab

Favorite Spot:

Zinkwazi, KZN

Your Quiver:

Coreban 8’5 Brushed Carbon, Coreban 14’0 Brushed Carbon Phoenix

Greatest achievement:

Too many to mention – however surviving the 26km La Tamassa Downwind Challenge in Mauritius 2014, 30ft waves and 60 km/hr winds rates up there

Words to live by:

Bite off more than you can chew and chew like hell!

One Album that defines you:

Nickelback,The Best Of

If you not on the water:

On the bicycle, doing boot camp, or in the XOTB shop.