DOB: 1 October 1988
Local: 2nd Light Beach
Years on the water: 5 years


How did you get into SUP:

I started from a little rental shop in San Diego and paddled around Mission Bay. I instantly fell in love with the sport! I had been surfing for a little while before then and didn’t take SUP surfing seriously until I went to see the Standup World Tour event in Huntington Beach. Seeing professionals do crazy things I didn’t believe were even possible on a stand up, but now with a little practice, they don’t seem so far fetched. I had no idea what stand up racing was either, until I went to a race in Cocoa Beach and it is something I have been work on. Getting better at every race I go to by practicing out on the river.

Favorite Spot:

Slater way, Cocoa Beach FL. Or 2nd Light Patrick Air force base.

Your Quiver:

7’2” Coreban Platinum for surfing, and the 14’x25” Phoenix for racing. The 9’0” California model is also a favourite because I can take it anywhere and enjoy all types of easy waves and flatwater paddling spots for exploring.

Greatest achievement:

1st place in the Key West 4-mile race, 2nd place in the Waterman’s Challenge 2016 for SUP surfing.

Words to live by:

Your body can adapt to overcome any challenge if you put the time in for it.

One Album that defines you:

Flesh and blood John Butler Trio.

If you not on the water:

When I’m not on the water I’m typically skateboarding, playing bass and jamming some music with friends.