DOB: 25 May 1998
Local:Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Years on the water: 3 years


How did you get into SUP:

My Mom and I went for a SUP lesson a couple years back, as soon as I got on, I was hooked

Favorite Spot:

Muizenberg and La Torche

Your Quiver:

A Coreban Platinum 7’4″ and a 14′ Coreban Dart

Greatest achievement:

Winner of the Redbull Paddle battle 2014 and I placed 7th in the La Torche womens Pro

Words to live by:


One Album that defines you:

I absolutly Love Ben Howard

If you not on the water:

If I’m not on the water SUP’n i’m Windsurfing, Kiting, Skating or in the kitchen cooking up a storm