DOB: 20 September 1984
Local: New Pier / The Hoek
Years on the water: 20 years


How did you get into SUP:

I was introduced to Stand Up Paddleboarding by Ivan Van Vuuren back in 2009. He let me try out one of his boards and I was immediately hooked. He later gave me a 8 foot vibe which we both competed on at the first ever ISA SUP World Champs in Peru in 2012.

Favorite Spot:

The Hoek/ New Pier/ Seal Point

Your Quiver:

7’6 Platinum Carbon Coreban, 14′ Dart Pro, WaWa 4’8 Paipo alaia, WaWa handgun, 5’9 Natural Curve fish, 2 High Performance Stubby longboards, 9’4 log noserider.

Greatest achievement:

Representing SA at World Champs 6 times in countries all over the world.

Words to live by:

Take charge, live large, surf a barge!

One Album that defines you:

Flesh and blood John Butler Trio.

If you not on the water:

I tend to dry out like a fish and get extremely agitated. To prevent that from happening though, I like to play a game of tennis or go for a run in the mountains.